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Excellent Taste

Yumi Sushi is striving to bring back traditional Japanese eating habits. We employ almost 200 ingredients in our restaurants, including rice, ginger, soy sauce, vinegar, and miso soup.
Simultaneously, to guarantee that our clients can enjoy fresh sushi with peace of mind, we have created a time restriction management system and manual hand-made sushi, sushi roll every day.
Customers may eat fresh, tasty, and safe sushi with excitement. Yumi Sushi also provides sushi rice at human temperature, giving warm and tasty sushi rice.

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Our Story

Artisan Japanese Cuisine at its Finest

Located Charlottetown and Summerside, YUMI Sushi has Japanese cuisine for everyone, whether you're a sushi expert or a first-time sushi eater. Come experience the art of sushi with us!

We like bringing our style and cuisine to the Natural State and take pleasure in providing the greatest quality ingredients for an unforgettable experience. Featuring freshly caught fish for a wide range of appetizers, sushi, and gorgeous entrees. Every dish served lives up to its description and is unlike any sushi experience you've ever experienced.

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